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Make It Child Safe

Make It Child Safe

At Curtains.com we take the safety of our products as paramount. All our products are supplied in line with the New British and European Regulations found in legislation EN 13120 :2009 + A1:2014 and we continue to work together with the BBSA’s 'Make It Safe' campaign to ensure our blinds feature the latest child safe innovations.

Child Safety Devices

Any blinds using cords or chains will be supplied with child safety devices. These include breakaway consolidators and clips that come apart under pressure, but can be easily put back together.

You’ll also receive child safety cleats and clips for the controls of your blind to be wrapped around.

Make It Child Safe Note: It is compulsory to fit your safety device‚ in accordance with the latest European regulations.

All blinds supplied with chains and cords will be made at a maximum length of one meter.
Free Hanging Pleated and Venetian blinds come with a cleat for the cord controls to be wrapped around.
Roller, Vertical* and deluxe Roman blinds come with a safety clip that keeps the cord or chain controls permanently taut. This child-safety device must be fitted to the wall or window frame at the point where the control has been fully extended.
*Our Vertical Blinds will be supplied with an Operating Wand as standard so no safety device will be required due to their being no cords or chains, however we will offer the option of Cords and Chains, in this instance the product will be supplied with P-Clips and the instructions out layed above must be followed.
Make It Child Safe

What do I have to do?

When you buy a blind, follow the instructions carefully and make sure you fit the safety device provided for your blinds.

Curtains.com would also like to offer some useful tips on how to further prevent risk;

  • Beds, cots or furniture should never be placed near a window where children can climb on to the sill.
  • Never tie cord controls together.
  • Make sure that cords do not twist and create a loop.

Making your existing blinds safe?

  • You can easily make any of your existing blinds child safe. All you have to do is order and fit the right cleat or clip.
  • Chain and cord operated blinds require safety devices such as cleats and p-clips.
  • These can be purchased from us by contacting our dedicated customer support team on 02038480800.
Read this leaflet from the British Blinds & Shutters Association or visit the make it safe website.