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Curtain Track Buying Guide

Hanging curtains might seem a simple task but selecting and correctly fitting the right curtain track is all important to the final look of your room. There is a large selection of different tracks available and there is a fail-safe way of putting them up to perfectly hang your curtains. Read our helpful guide and find out all you need to know about curtain tracks. If you want to use a curtain pole instead, you can read our curtain pole buying guide.

You have the choice of either a PVC or an aluminium curtain track.


This is the most cost effective option. The track is flexible and light and an excellent choice for light to medium-weight curtains. Heavy duty PVC cord operated systems are available however, most are uncorded meaning you will need to open the curtains by handling the fabric.


This is the more premium option of curtain track. It is durable but still flexible enough to bend. Like PVC, this is suitable for light to medium weighted curtains and can be used with corded or uncorded curtains. Aluminium curtain tracks are built to last and the more substantial models are suitable for heavy curtains. Aluminium tracks can be purchased pre-bent to fit exactly around your bay window.


Corded tracks are threaded with a nylon cord. This cord connects to gliders and pulleys. This cord allows you to open the curtain without handling the fabric, protecting the material if it is delicate. These tracks are commonly selected for heavy curtains or a window with difficult access.


Uncorded tracks require you to handle the curtain.

Corded/ Uncorded

Measuring a window for a curtain track is dependent on whether you are placing the track inside or outside the window recess.


Measure 20 cm either side of the window. To get your total track length you add the width of the window plus 40 cm. If the curtains are heavy or fuller than average, you may want to add even more to the width either side the window.


The length of the track should be slightly shorter than the width of the recess to ensure a good fit. PVC and aluminium tracks can be ordered with bends and therefore you should measure to include the bend.

Measuring for curtain tracks
  • PCV and aluminium tracks can be cut to size using a hacksaw.
  • Heavy aluminium and steel will need to be bought at the exact size. Heavy aluminium will arrive pre-bent.


Recommended for heavy curtains. These tracks come white coated and with a powder finished coating to give a smooth look.


Manufactured using tough PVC. These can be cut to size and are a good choice for a bay windows.


For a bay window, you will need to buy PVC or aluminium, which will bend to the shape of the window. Heavy aluminium will need to be made to measure and come bent to shape.

Ceiling Fixing

Telescopic tracks that are perfect for temporary situations. These are perfect for most weights of curtain, except heavy weight curtains.

Double Curtain

You can purchase a curtain tracks that are fixed from the top of a recess or ceiling. The track will be fitted to a joist or a wooden batten if the joist is not present.


This allows you to keep net or voile curtains closed whilst opening the main curtain. This is useful for privacy as the voile curtain acts as a block to the outside.


These are tracks available in lengths up to 600 cm. All options are available in extra-long, though it is advisable to buy split cord tracks with heavier curtains.

Made to Measure

These fit exactly to your requirements and give you the full range of choices, bespoke to your window.

Most tracks come with brackets that can be fitted to the wall or the ceiling.

To fix to the wall, attach a wooden batten to the wall and attach the track to the wooden batten. You can also fix to the brickwork directly if you use long screws and the correct rawl plugs.

To fix to the ceiling joist, use long screws and rawl plugs. You will need to add a batten if there is no joist.

Curtain Pole Position


PVC can be cut with a hacksaw and are easy to bend when the track is at room temperature. The same is true for light weight aluminium tracks.


Steel tracks need to be ordered in the exact measurement of your window as they cannot be bent.


Heavy aluminium tracks will come cut to length and will need to be professionally fitted so that they can be bent to the measurements provided.

There are several accessories available, including:

  • Spare hooks, gliders, end stops and brackets
  • Extension brackets
  • Draw rods for drawing curtains on uncorded tracks
  • Header tape
  • Spray lubricant

There are now many cost effective motorised remote control curtain tracks available for your home. These tracks are made to measure and are the perfect solution for windows where the track is inaccessible. The motorised track is operated by remote control but can also be triggered by a light sensor or through automatic settings.


Most standard tracks can be cleaned lightly with water and detergent. Once they have been dried thoroughly it is advisable to spray the track with a lubricant. This will keep your track working efficiently.