We believe shopping for curtains is an exciting part giving your home a style update. We’ve created a comprehensive Curtain Buying Guide to help you with any questions you may have.

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Curtain Poles Buying Guide

It is easy to believe that curtain poles are the smallest of choices in your home. Yet, the right curtain pole can make all the difference to the final finish of your room. Of course, it is more than just picking out the right design: Read More +

it is about the measurements, the fixtures and the finish. Read our practical buying guide, giving you the essential information you need to hang your curtains with style. Back to top

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When buying a curtain pole it is advisable to purchase a complete pole kit. You can check that this is the case by looking at what your pole kit contains. It should include:

  • A Pole
  • Brackets x 2 (there may be three brackets if the pole is over 180cm).
  • Curtain Rings (usually provided)
  • Finial
  • Screws
  • Rawl plugs
Buying Complete Pole Kits

You can purchase single or double pole kits. Double pole kits offer you a pole that acts to hold the curtain and then a pole that will be seen by your visitors.

It is unlikely that your pole kit will include tie backs and tie back hooks, as these tend to be sold separately.

The buying of curtain poles can be made more difficult with the use of industry specialist vocabulary. One such example is the use of rods and poles. Both are long thin tubular items that stretch across the top of windows to hold curtains. Both poles and rods can be hollow or solid and made from a range of materials. However, there are some important differences that will guide you in your purchase.


A rod tends to be used for those fittings that hold light-weight, unlined hangings such as nets.


A pole tends to refer to the more durable fittings that can hold substantial weights and are fixed with large brackets to the wall.

You have a lot of choice when it comes to the style of your pole. Here are some details to help you choose:


There was a point when metal poles were limited to the look of wrought iron or brass. This is no longer the case. There are now a range of styles including: silver, graphite, nickel, chrome, and stainless steel poles available.


Our wooden curtain poles are made from a variety of FSC certified woods meaning that they are a sustainable option. These poles give you an even greater range of styles, colours and diameters of pole to suit your decor. Our collection of wooden curtain poles are both traditional and contemporary with differing designs of finials to finish. Unfinished wooden curtain poles can be purchased so that you can personalise your curtain pole and paint your pole your desired shade to complement your curtains.


There are a variety of different curtain poles suitable for Bay Windows. Some are made from materials that can easily bend like plastics or metals with the aim that they work well with the bends of the bay window. Other bay window curtain poles are made bespoke for your window and follow the exact angles of the bends. Check out our App to help you measure your bay window for curtain pole or track installation.


These are decorative ends of the curtain pole. These caps are placed at either end of your curtain poles and essentially function to keep the curtain on the pole. However, these finials are also decorative and come in a range of different. styles and colours to match the design of your room.

Pole Styles

As well as a choice of material, you can choose the finish of the pole. These include:


This effect can be applied to both wooden and metal poles and creates an aged look.


These curtain poles are ready for painting your desired shade.


Available in a variety of different effects and stains creating the look of woods such as mahogany, oak, cherry and ebony.


A highly reflective silver metal finish.


A highly reflective metal finish in a golden brass colour.


Reflective metal finish, metallic brown in colour.


Slightly reflective metallic muted colour.


Reflective metal finish like white silver.


Reflective metal finish in warmer or colder metallic tones.styles and colours to match the design of your room.


One of the most important questions when fitting your curtain pole is where to position the pole in relation to the window; in other words, how high above the window should the pole be placed. The generally accepted rule is 15 to 20cm (6 to 8 inches) above the window for the fixing of the pole.


Measure your curtains, consider where you want the curtain to drop to below the window, measure the position of the pole needs to be to match your requirements.

Curtain Pole Position

If you already have a pole in place, measure the pole in between the finials. Do not count the size of the finial in the measurement.

If you do not have a pole in place, measure the recess width of the window. Then, add 15 cm each side, 30 cm metres in total, to come to the length of the pole that you need.

See our Curtain Measuring Guide for more details.

Measuring For Curtain Poles

To fit your pole follow these simple steps:


Measure between 15cm and 20cm (6 to 8 inches) above your window depending on where you want the curtain to fall.

Measure the width of the window space

The pole extend 15 to 20 cm (6 to 8 inches) either side.

Mark with a pencil where you want your brackets

There will be two brackets for poles under 180cm, three for longer. The third bracket should go in the middle, between the two end brackets, at the midpoint of the window width.

  • Drill the holes and insert rawl plugs
  • Screw in brackets
  • Place pole on brackets
  • Add finials to finish

Curtains are attached to the curtain pole by hanging from the eyelet rings that come pre-attached to the eyelet curtain, or with curtain rings for those curtains with a pencil pleat, pinch-pleat or goblet heading.

  • First, remove the finials.
  • Then feed the curtain rings or eyelet rings around the pole.
  • Then, if using curtain rings, attach curtain hooks to the eye at the bottom of the ring.
  • These hooks are then attached to the curtain heading at the back of the curtain.

Make sure you count the number of curtain rings and spread these evenly across the curtain for the best finish. This will ensure that the curtain hangs symmetrically at each side.

A good quality curtain pole should last for years, without the need for spares. However, depending on the style of the pole replacement brackets and pole rings can usually be supplied.

You should also be able to find joining splices for the lengthening of poles, should you move house and need to extend the pole for a new window.