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Blackout Curtains Buying Guide

Blackout curtains are the most effective solution for blocking out the light entering a room. They are highly recommended in bedrooms to ensure you get a good night’s sleep so that you are ready for the day ahead. Whether choosing Ready Made or Made to Measure curtains our helpful guide explains all you need to know about the blackout and dim-out options available.

What is Blackout & Dim-Out?


Blackout curtains stop light from passing through the special blackout lining and entering the room. Blackout and dim-out curtains have differing properties and advantages. Dim-out allows for most of the light in the room to be blocked, as opposed to the complete block of a blackout curtain.

Blackout curtains are most often used in bedrooms. However, these curtains are also an effective option in a media room and are an excellent way of protecting furniture and carpets from the damage caused by the sun.

You can buy blackout or dim-out Ready Made curtains which are available for immediate dispatch. When buying Made to Measure curtains you can request a blackout lining to finish your bespoke curtains.

Soon, you will also have the option to purchase Blackout Blinds. Blackout Roller Blinds are by far the most effective way of controlling light in your room.

Blackout Curtain Uses


If you night shift worker or the parent of a young child, you will have no problem appreciating the benefits of blackout curtains. These curtains allow for:


  • Ultimate control over the light in a room.
  • Reduce the level of street noise entering the room – perfect for helping your children sleep.
  • Complete privacy.
  • Keep in heat during the winter months.
  • Keep out heat during the summer months.
  • The promise of uninterrupted sleep – brilliant for night shift workers.
  • Protection of furniture and carpet from the fading effects of the sun.
  • There are many styles of blackout curtains available and they come in a range of fabrics, styles and colours.
  • Your curtains do not need to be black to achieve blackout. You can even have the option of white blackout curtains.
  • The blackout lining is normally an off-white similar to the colour of standard curtain lining fabric.
  • All Made to Measure curtains, except voile, can be made with a blackout lining upgrade meaning the choice of colours and styles is nearly endless.


The installation instructions for blackout curtains are the same as those for standard curtains. However, for the ultimate impact of the blackout curtain, it is advisable to buy curtains which extend 20 cm either side of the window, a total of 40 cm in addition to the width of the window. This will ensure that all light is effectively blocked. the drop of the curtains should also fall 15 cm below the bottom of the window.


When installing a track or curtain pole for your blackout curtains make sure to measure and place the brackets up to 20 cm above the window. For the most effective blackout solution, it is advised to install a blackout roller blind in the recess of the window behind a pair of blackout curtains.

Cleaning & Care Advice

Cleaning & Care Advice


To rid your curtains of dust, use the rush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Be sure to get into all the creases of the curtain and vacuum down the length of the curtain. Vacuum curtains at least once a month to avoid buildup of dust.