Curtains materials

When Material Things Matter

If you’ve ever spent a few minutes ambling through the fabrics section of a department store, you’ll quickly realise three things: there is an intoxicating choice of fabrics, they vary enormously in quality; you’re not the only one surreptitiously running your fingers along that one that is just too invitingly tactile.

However, it doesn’t take long before you’re tipping over into overwhelmed and can’t envisage your room colours properly any more. Will that floral pattern really work against your sofa’s stripes, or will you end up with a design clash? Does linen work with that leather armchair?

Material things matter when it comes to design. The fabric, the texture, the pattern, the weight, all come together to either make your curtains work in your home, or not.

How to Get the Material Right

G ood curtains are an investment. They should stand the test of time whilst being both functional and beautiful. Therefore, the material is crucial to this success. Particularly when it comes to shopping around for made-to-measure curtains you need to know you’re getting the decision right.

When we select the fabrics for our Made to Measure Curtains we do so remaining rooted to one key principle: Quality. No matter how wonderful the pattern, if the material is not first-rate then the beauty of the design is lost in a shoddy overall look. That ballerina print might just be wonderful for all dreaming dancers, or that gingham pastel simply perfect for a country kitchen, but if the quality of the fabric isn’t there then it doesn’t make the cut.

The good news is that with you can rest assured that you are getting great designs on great fabrics. Our collection offers you many practical benefits in return for your money.

Shop by Material

Whether you’re looking for something quick and easy to maintain until that budding ballerina has learned poster paints and curtains don’t mix, or whether you’re after a sumptuous velvet to turn your dining area into an elegant space to relax with friends, the Shop by Material function will guide you along the way.

Here’s our guide to the different fabrics to help you choose the best for your needs:

100% Cotton: A breathable and hard-wearing option that will look good over time. 100% Linen : A tough and durable natural material which also offers a high level of stain resistance.

100% Polyester: Excellent choice when you want to avoid misshapen drapes through stretching or shrinking. It is also fade resistant and ideal for dressing windows exposed to direct sunlight.

Cotton Mix: Various combinations of polyester, linen and viscose make our cotton mix curtains both breathable and durable.

Linen Mix: Linen mix often affords the best of both worlds with a very natural texture whilst also being hard-wearing and durable.

Polyester Mix: Polyester mix is a great inclusion because it isn’t prone to wrinkles and creases and drapes well.

Viscose Mix: Bringing you both breathability and crease resistance. Velvet Mix: Sumptuous and warm and bringing natural elegance.

There are pros and cons to all different fabrics. If you’re unsure which is best for your situation, then give one of our dedicated team a call, and chat through your options. Call on 0203 848 0800.