Colour matching


Colour Matching Guide for Home Décor

You’ve browsed the Home Magazines, you’ve collated a Pinterest board to make your excitement tingle, but how do you now turn home décor dreams into reality? We’re not all born as natural interior design enthusiasts, but we all want our home style to be just right, reflect us and our personalities, and be the perfect place to unwind.

You may have reached the position where you are comfortable with your overall colour scheme. Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with a complex wallpaper, or you’re styling your new lounge around some inherited antique furnishings that differ considerably from your previous style. Maybe the carpet led the way, or your partner’s love of collectables. Whatever your design fuel, you may be seeing the décor come together only to stumble at the finishing touches.

But it’s the finishing touches that matter. Eyes are naturally drawn to window dressings, they frame the room and turn it from a space to a hub and a beating heart. Getting the curtains right makes all the difference to your design dreams.

Styling Made Easy

When it comes to thinking about which colour palette to use in your home decor visuals are everything. Your mind’s eye isn’t enough, there are some tools to help you. Colour wheels and mood boards can guide you through a process of creating a colour scheme and help you become more confident in your choices.

A colour wheel is the answer as to why some colour schemes work and others don’t. Your natural eye might tell you this, but checking it against a colour wheel is always sensible. In a nutshell, different shades or hues of one colour are likely to work well together, as are those close to each other on the wheel. Additionally, colours that sit opposite each other on a colour wheel can be complementary.

From this starting point you can draw up a mood board. A mood board is a type of collage which allows you to bring together images, samples and colours to ‘test’ how they work alongside each other. This is visual designing to ensure your chosen elements complement each other in terms of colour and texture. You may have a swatch of curtain fabric on your board alongside a sample of your wallpaper.

A Plethora of Options with Shop by Colour

Styling couldn’t be easier with the Shop by Colour function available under each main category page. Think palette, think general feel, and this shopping

tool will take the hard work out of the decisions for you. By using this search filter for matching your curtains to your home décor, you can rest assured that the curtains, poles and accessories you choose will be harmonious companions to the rest of the room.

What’s more, this function allows you to visualise colour in a more understandable way. We’re not talking interior décor shopping confined by the four walls of white, cream, beige and magnolia but rather a complete rainbow of options that are narrowed down to suit your room. You can choose between Made to Measure Curtains or Ready Made Curtains in an enormous range - taking in greens, pinks, creams, blues, reds and yellows with a wonderful dash of multi-colour too.

And we don’t stop there. Shop by Colour function can also help you while shopping around for Curtain Poles with spectrum ranging from antique gold to graphite, or satin brass to walnut. Beyond this you are just a few clicks away from choosing accessories to match in chrome to matt nickel, and from red to teak.

Just a Click Away

There are no fancy graphics here to distract you. It is just a simple and straightforward click through process to select exactly the best curtain match for your home décor, knowing that the hard work has been done for you. Shop by Colour today and make your design dream a reality.