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We believe shopping for curtains is an exciting part giving your home a style update. We’ve created a comprehensive Curtain Buying Guide to help you with any questions you may have.


  • How often do we need to change our curtains and blinds?

    Curtains, Ready Made Curtains, Made to Measure Curtains

    Whether it be updating our wardrobe or making tiny changes to our home interior, it is a nice feeling to give everything a bit of a makeover as we step into a new season. Curtains and blinds can make a huge impact in shaping the overall appearance of a decor and provide great functional benefits for different seasons, so how often should we change them?

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  • Interior Trends for Autumn/Winter 2017

    Interior Trends for Autumn/Winter 2017

    As the darker nights begin to draw in, it is time to be excited about the arrival of the colder months. Soft furnishings play an important role in creating a cosy and relaxing home during winter.

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  • How to Create the Perfect Children’s Nursery

    Decorating your child’s nursery is one of the most exciting interiors projects you'll undertake; which is why it's so important to get it right and to create a space for your child that they can enjoy for years to come.

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  • Colour Therapy: Transform Your Home and Mood

    Did you know the colours you choose in your home can make or break your mood? Research shows that different colours affect our personality and mindset differently, which is why it's important to choose the right colours throughout your interior.

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  • Interior Style: Urban Industrial

    Proudly displaying exposed pipes and beams, double height ceilings and a warehouse look, the urban industrial trend is a cool interior style and can be seen everywhere these days. From restaurants to cafes to shops, the trend is about upscaling, by liberating from traditional home styling and championing a new distinctive raw aesthetic that blends function and aesthetics.  

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  • Interior Style: Eclectic Boho Glam

    Part hippie and part chic, eclectic boho glam is anything but boring. Combining vintage with modern, this trend is colourful, folk-inspired, simple and has hit the mainstream big time. Décor elements which make up this style include pattern on pattern and abstract designs, mixed with diverse and whimsical materials reminiscent of the vintage 50’s and 60’s.

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  • Interior Style: Modern Farmhouse

    Gentle lines and a lived-in aesthetic sum up the modern farmhouse trend beautifully. Combining an easy and clean style, this design philosophy is evocative of Old England and Americana and has come to the forefront as an innovative example of purposeful living. For those yearning for interior and architectural style in its and cleanest form, this is it.

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  • Interior Style: Botanical Jungle

    When it comes to the home, one of the easiest ways you can add finishing touches is to include flora in the shape of botanicals. This trend, the botanical jungle look, will always be a firm favourite for many schemes. It’s quite simple to introduce this look. Think of lavish palm prints and the iconic 1970s cheese plant, which aren't going anywhere in terms of look and feel and not to forget the lush jades and emeralds that will be the start of the colour palette. Continue reading

  • Interior Style: Scandinavian

    Known for simplicity, utility and cosiness, the distinctive Scandinavian design trend is pure, pared back and centred around clean, modern lines. Characterised by earthy muted tones, honest materials and minimal decoration, this trend offers warm functionality, beauty and exudes an understated elegance.

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  • Interior Style: Family Focus

    In the world of interior design, sometimes a lifestyle trend will emerge which focuses more on how you can make the most of your current living situation, and less about changing your home to suit a style trend. The perfect example of this is ‘Family Focus’, where differing needs and ideas from varying personalities, ages and style preferences are drawn together to create a look that is eclectic, practical yet chic.

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