Buying Guide


1. Curtain Poles

Curtain poles and tracks are one of the essentials for hanging curtains. Poles are more decorative and can give your home a touch of elegance whereas tracks are designed to be practical and unobtrusive.


Currently, the market offers curtain poles made from wood, metal and acrylic materials. Wooden poles can give your room a polished look and can help you retain its homely feel at the same time. Metallic poles give an interior a sleek touch and are a popular option in luxury environments. The acrylic poles make the design of a room look edgy and can be used to create an artful contemporary living space. Curtains can be hung on a pole with hooks, metal rings or eyelets.


When it comes to colour matching curtain poles can complement a broad variety of palettes. The array of colour variations include classic black and white options, natural wooden hues, metallics and also colours with a burnished or antique finish which give interiors a rich glazed look.


These decorative accessories are positioned at both ends of a curtain pole and serve to prevent the curtains from sliding off when they are open. You can choose from a variety of designs each of which enables you to make a statement in a room. The classic designs which feature engraved patterns bring in a touch of luxury whereas contemporary alternatives in a variety of eye-catching geometric shapes can add sparkle to your drapes.

2. Curtain Tracks

Curtain tracks are made of flexible plastic or  metal materials. The materials tracks are made from are light and easy to bend which makes them ideal for  Bay windows or other unusual window shapes as they can be adapted to follow their curves. Other advantage of these curtain accessories is that  they can be extended which is ideal for windows with a non-standards size. On the other hand, the tracks can only be used to hang curtains with pleats, they won’t work with eyelets or tab top headings. You can use them to hang lightweight, medium and heavier curtain fabrics.

Drawing curtains on a track can be done either by hand or with a cord. The corded tracks are convenient to use for lighter curtains as drawing  with a cord adds  extra pressure on the frame.