2019 Curtain Trends for Autumn Season

Casey Ho
by Casey

The cool breeze and the crisp morning air of autumn are just peeking around the corner and there is no better time to welcome in a new season than with some decor changes. If you are on a budget and want to avoid the extra hassle, the easiest way you can spruce up your home is with some curtains, blinds and fabric changes to get you into the festive spirit! Read the trending curtain trends this autumn to be more updated on your interior decor!

Coloured Bold Prints for extra oomph!

If you want to make an interior design statement, then go for the bright and bold prints that are coming back in trend this season. Big prints in mustard yellow or even indigo shades make for a perfect autumn look to complete your room. Keep the textile in the room simple and go big with prints on curtains or blinds with different fabrics like silk, linen and cotton to get the best look possible with a softer edge.

Sheer Curtains and bright accents

If you want to add more subtle touches to your living rooms, then try adding sheer curtains with a neutral base and some bold and bright red or orange curtain appliqué to get playful. The translucent fabric makes sure the light is plenty and the prints and design embody the autumn season inside your home.

Cosy vibes with Autumnal colours!

The easiest way to change up a room, especially if you have a neutral coloured room decor is by adding bold and bright orange and red curtain hues for the season. You can add different layers and shades of the same colour with an ombre curtain look, to add more volume and amp up the season festivities by going all out! Remember to stick to one colour theme and don’t go overboard with the textiles in the room!

Bouclé weave fabrics

Ignore the minimalist design and embrace the maximalist decor trend this autumn with the popular Bouclé weave. The weave is made from chunky cotton or yarn and mixed with either a metallic thread like silver or gold or with natural twine. Incorporate different period of styles including furniture and curtains and blind decor for a fresh new ambience. Let go of the soft, subtle minimalist interior look and get edgier in 2019 this autumn! 

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