4 Curtain Ideas on Transforming your Home this Spring

Casey Ho
by Casey

With every new season, there comes a time to freshen up the interiors and add a new look to your room. While it isn’t possible to always have new furniture to spruce up the room, the arrival of Spring is a fantastic excuse to decorate your home with just some new curtains. Read more to find out our top tips on bringing a new look to your room.

Neutral Coloured Voile Curtains

Bright neutral colours such as white and pearl as well as pared-back earthy tones can keep the room looking light and fresh. Add indoor plants and flowers to fill the space with energising elements.

Layer Up with Different Fabrics

Create a well thought out look by layering different textures to add interest to your interior. A great way to do this is by combining plain voiles or nets with your curtains to add volume and depth in each layer. This is especially suitable for curtains with a bold pattern in order to create visual balance.

Add Pastel Shades

How to introduce colours to an interior in a non-committing way? Pastels are the answer. Colours such as lavender, baby pink, spring green or duck egg blue can brighten up any interior. Use contrasting colours for a contemporary look.

Introduce Floral Patterns

Wake up any tired interior with a floral pattern. With a range of styles to choose from such as English Country, Opulent Midnights to Scandinavian Abstract, bring a feeling of Spring warmth to your home. Be careful to balance the look by opting for plain features for the rest of the decor as too many colours and patterns can create chaos.

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