Modern Curtain Trends

Casey Ho
by Casey

Interior décor can sometimes be hard to follow. The styles and the latest trends are always ever changing and evolving. So if you are in need of sprucing up your windows, then check out the latest trends you can consider when selecting your curtains.

Bold Patterns

Pretty bright bold flowery pattern curtains

Bold living room curtains are an iconic interior look during the 1970s and they have now made a comeback. Keep your eyes out for large geometric prints or large floral motifs.

Sheer Curtain Panels

Let a little light in with sheer curtains

Sheer panels are making a big splash, whether you use them as bedroom curtains or in the living room. Sheer curtains can bring an extra dose of elegance to woven features or subtle patterns when paired with curtains. They can also achieve a modern minimalistic look when used on their own.

Metallic Colours

Metallic Curtains add elegance to your drawing room

For a luxurious feel, why not try out the metallic colour trends. They fit in well with the minimalist designs. Introduce the shimmering shades of gold, copper or silver with accessories such as a coffee table tray or a candle holder.

Natural Materials

Bring in a touch of elegance with stylish roman blinds

Roman blinds made with natural materials such as jute and bamboo have become increasingly popular. With a shift in aesthetics appeal where less is more”, natural materials can create a calm and relaxed environment for any room.

Neutral Tones

Neutral shades can be suited with almost an colour scheme

With minimalist décor comes the neutral colour palette. Use different shades of a colour such as brown, camel, and sand to create an interior statement. Using more solid tones as the primary colours and lighter colours as accents, a neutral colour scheme can be used to create personality and add a sense of calmness to any interior.

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