5 Reasons to Love Grey Curtains

Casey Ho
by Casey

Are you thinking of sprucing up your own living space to give it a new life? Or are you just bored with how it looks right now? Don’t worry about paint or furniture, as a simple changing of the drapes in any room could provide an affordable solution. Check out why we recommend grey curtains are the way to go forward when redesigning your space, and giving it an entirely new look!

1.  Timeless

Made to Measure Grey Curtains by Curtains.com

If you love neutral colours like black, white and brown, then you will surely love grey. This colour gives off a timeless look to any space and the look changes even as per the shade of grey you choose. Get some light cream accents and you have an airy and expensive looking room in no time!

2. Easy to Care For

Made to Measure Grey Curtains by Curtains.com

The grey colour will always be a classic staple in any well-designed room. Not only is it easy to hide away the dust in a particular grey shade, but the lined curtains also are relatively easy to take care of as you will not find a lot of marks or stains on them.

3. Can Strike a Good Balance between Bolder Colours

Made to Measure Drapes, Curtains.com Grey Curtains

Since the grey curtains are so elegant and effectively neutral, they always strike a good balance between the bolder and much louder colours. Try out grey curtain fabric when you want to pair funky colours or patterns to effectively form an excellent and well-balanced theme in the room.

4. Versatility

Bespoke Drapes at Curtains.com Grey Curtains

The best part about having a neutral colour like grey in your living room curtains or even your bedroom curtains is that you get to play around with the rest of the interior. Since this colour is so versatile, you can mix and match it with practically anything to get new looks every single time.

5. Many Styles Available

Made to Measure Curtains at Curtains.com Curtains UK

With a boom in the interior design field, you will find an enormous variety when it comes to creating and designing curtain styles. You can now have ready-made curtains or made to measure curtains, each combined with different patterns and other coloured fabric to fit the taste of the client.


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