FIVE Reasons Why You Should Go for Made to Measure curtains

Casey Ho
by Casey

Made to Measure offers the benefit of having curtains made in a specific size which is useful for non-standard sized windows, but there are a lot more benefits to having custom made curtains. Read on to find out more!

  1. Made to Measure, Value for Money in the Long Run

Made to Measure curtains are more expensive as they require expert craftsmanship, each curtain (and blind) that we make are made with precision and care.

As they are custom made for each order, the amount of fabric used also differs. This means instead of buying a specific amount of fabric to make a certain number of products in varying sizes, a smaller amount of fabric is used per style instead for each Made to Measure order.

But what you receive in return is a finished product that will last for years as they are crafted with expertise. This leads us to our next point!

2. Unique Curtain Headings

Double pinch pleat, triple pinch pleat, pinch with eyelet; these are just a few choices amongst a myriad of curtain heading styles that are available in Made to Measure. Variations of pleated headings are not common with Ready Made curtains as they are more complex to make.

A well-made heading can make a big difference to an interior as it can show off the level of thought that has gone into pulling the overall decor together.

3. Personalise your home interior

Are you a traditionalist or a modernist, or a mix of both?

The key to traditional interior styles is intricate details. Elements include heavier fabrics that can drape elegantly, pleated headings and classic yet unique fabric designs such as floral and damask. Made to Measure offers the freedom of having curtains made in fabric designs that are hard to find with Ready Made options.

They usually suit period properties which have non-standard sized windows, making Made to Measure perfect for this interior style.

On the other hand, modern interior styles tend to focus on simplicity and minimalism. That is not to say the curtain fabrics are all plains and neutrals as modern interior style often plays with bold prints and textures by setting a contrast with other home accessories.

Less is more (With the exception of maximalist styles such as botanical and boho) with a modern interior. Understated statement is the epitome of this style and can be achieved with simple silhouettes, a balanced colour palette and focusing on quality over quantity.

Made to Measure gives you the option of sourcing your own fabrics to ensure the level of quality which you require as well as choosing your own lining which is stitched with care.

4. Functionality

Are you looking for curtains that can block out unwanted light, or are you looking for curtains that can keep your home warm during winter and cool during summer? There are various types of lining with the main types being standard, blackout, interlining, thermal and acoustic.

Although they can be found with Ready Made curtains, it is not always possible to find a fabric style that you like with the lining type that you require. Having custom made curtains means you can choose whatever fabric you like with whichever lining.

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5. Accessories

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If you are looking to add other window treatment accessories such as a curtain pelmet, curtain valance or curtain swags, these extra touches are best complemented with Made to Measure curtains as the quality of the curtains can enhance other soft furnishings.

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