How often do we need to change our curtains and blinds?

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Whether it be updating our wardrobe or making tiny changes to our home interior, it is a nice feeling to give everything a bit of a makeover as we step into a new season. Curtains and blinds can make a huge impact in shaping the overall appearance of a decor and provide great functional benefits for different seasons, so how often should we change them?

There’s no correct answer as that is due to personal preference, but we suggest twice a year is a good amount. In this article, we will explain functional and aesthetic benefits for doing so.

Know your lining


Blackout, thermal and interlining are the main types of window treatment lining. Designed to enhance comfort and even make savings, it is important to use the appropriate type of lining for each season as they provide different functional benefits.

We suggest going for a blackout lining during Spring/ Summer and swapping to either thermal or interlining during Autumn/ Winter. Blackout can block out the bright morning sun and often provide sound insulating properties too.

During winter, thermal and interlining can help keep the heat in and reduce electric and gas spending. Both curtains and blinds are capable of making savings of between 11 and 21% in terms of how effective a material is at insulating from heat transfer.

Learn more about each curtain and blind lining type here.

Breezy Voiles and Nets

Alternatively, opt for an unlined option for Spring/Summer. If you prefer to have your curtains and blinds remain closed during the day, standard window treatments may make the room too dark which means more money may be spent on keeping the lights on.

Both voile/net curtains and voile blinds would be a great option as they can maintain privacy while still letting light through. They look especially great during the warmer weather as the lighter fabric can help lighten up an interior, creating a refreshing look.

Although voile and net curtains are not just limited to be used on their own as they layer up beautifully behind standard curtains.

Trendy Touch

Introduce home interior trends of the season to your home and experiment with different looks. This Spring Summer’s trendiest colours include forest green, Pantone’s Colour of the Year Ultraviolet and peacock blue. Textures include dark wood, velvet and metals.

It is unrealistic to have the walls painted or buy new furniture regularly. Updating your home with Ready Made curtains and Ready Made blinds along with other accessories such as vases and paintings are the quickest, easiest and uncompromising ways to make changes to your home interior.

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