How to get your home spring-ready with curtains and blinds

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As the days become longer and the temperature rises, it is time again to wake up your interior and inject some seasonal freshness to your home! Whether it be ready made curtains and blinds or made to measure, window treatments can instantly transform your home. Read our suggestions below on how to update your home for the warmer months ahead.

Keep it cool with a blackout lining

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By opting for a blackout lining, you can gain complete control of the level of lighting which helps to regulate the rising temperature as the bright summer sun shines through. Consisting of thermal qualities also, blackout lining is useful all year round!

The lining is discreetly stitched at the back and often comes in white, cream or black. The thickness of the lining acts as a protection for curtains and blinds by preserving the vibrancy of colours and the quality of the fabric. It can create a fuller look too which can enhance the appearance of curtains and blinds as well as adding a sense of sophistication with a fine finishing touch.

Lighten up with brighter tones

Versatile shades such as neutrals and pastels are a great addition to any style of interior as they can blend into other colour palettes and textures seamlessly. Towards the end of 2017, we saw a growth in products with darker colours. (Although our Seattle Silver and Black Eyelet, from £18.49, continues to be one of our bestsellers) As we approach the warmer months, our popular products switched to lighter shades and subtle colours, here are our favourites:

Made to Measure, Raffia Ivory, from £80.99 (Available as curtains and blinds)

Made to Measure, Coniston Winston Dove, from £80.99 (Available as curtains and blinds)

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Ready Made, Phoenix Thermal Duckegg Eyelet, from £42.99

Another quick and easy way of updating an interior is by introducing colours through patterns.

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Bold coloured plain curtains and blinds can be tricky to pull off due to the size of the area they would cover, therefore setting an overstatement. Unless there is a coherent theme in the room and interior features that have been meticulously thought out, plain window treatments in bold shades can distract the eyes from everything else.

Using a colourful shade within a neutral coloured pattern is a great way to add liveliness to a decor and can pair wonderfully by matching the same colour of other details of the room.

Let the voile curtains flow

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Known for preserving privacy, both voile and net curtains make a wonderful choice during the warmer months. If you prefer to maintain a pared-back look and you find blackout curtains to look too heavy, these lighter fabrics are essential for creating the on-trend minimalist style. Alternatively, they also look great when doubled up with curtains made from standard fabrics!

Patterned blackout curtains and plain voiles (or vice versa) are our favourite combination; blackout curtains for perfect weekend lie-ins, and voiles for maintaining brightness and privacy during the day.

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