How to Get Your Home Ready for Christmas

Casey Ho
by Casey

With Christmas just around the corner, here at, we are counting down the days to the festive season and we have come up with some quick and easy interior tips that can fill your homes with joy and sparkle.

Tip 1. Update Your Summer Voiles

Christmas Living Room

Double up your sheer summer curtains with a thicker fabric such as curtains with blackout or thermal qualities to help keep the cold air out. Not only can an extra layer provide insulation for your home, it can also give your interior a sophisticated finished look.

We recommend going for a twin channel curtain track so that you have the freedom to only have your voile curtains hanging during the warmer months for coolness and privacy, or change up your curtains during the colder seasons if you like to stay ahead of interior trends.

Tip 2. Scandi-inspired Christmas tree

Scandinavian Style Christmas Tree
Image via Pinterest

A trend, cheap and easy way to give your home a Christmas touch! Instead of buying a Christmas tree, place a single branch in a medium sized jar for a modern take on Christmas. This look also embraces the winter floral trend, replacing Spring’s full blooms.

Paper Trees

Trendy Christmas Paper Trees
Image via Pinterest

If you prefer a more environmentally friendly option, opt for these crafty trees made of paper. Pink shades, dusky navy, or deep purple would make a contemporary and stylish choice.

Tip 3. Cosy Touch

Tartan, Plaid and Check
Image via Pinterest

Incorporating classic prints to the Christmas colour palette, patterns such as tartan, check and plaid can bring a sense of warmth and heritage to your home, further enhancing the family atmosphere. Simply layer over a sofa for a cosy touch.

Tip 4. The Guest Room

Guest Bedroom, Curtains & Blinds
Image via Pinterest Similar Products: Waffle Natural Pencil Pleat, from £16.99 & Faux Silk Blackout Cream, from £19.49

Friends or family staying over for Christmas? Don’t leave it until the last minute to sort out the guest bedroom. Provide them with a pleasant stay by cosying up the least used room for a Christmas filled with warmth through thermal curtains or blinds. Usually doubling up with blackout qualities, your guests can sleep soundly after the seasonal celebration. We recommend layering up with blinds as well for a contemporary touch and for an extra layer of insulation.

Tip 5. Fancy Metallics

Brass Cutlery
Image via Pinterest

In comparison to the common silverware, alternative metallics such as brass, copper and golden tones evoke a sense of celebration for a special occasion. Cutlery in brassy and golden shades with a matte finish is key to the latest homeware trends while copper crockery with a subtle shine remains a timeless classic.

Tip 6. Party Curtains

Red String Curtains
Product: Glam String Red Slot Top, from £4.99

Want to add a dose of uniqueness to your interior for your Christmas gathering? Featuring a metallic woven design, these eye-catching ready made red string curtains are perfect for adding glamour to your hallway or doorway. These curtains also make a fantastic backdrop for photographs.

Tip 7. The Christmas Scent

Cinnamon with Candles - ChristmasImage via Pinterest

Spicy, rich and indulgent; immerse in the festive spirit and fill your home with a cinnamon scent. For a quick and elegant DIY hack, glue cinnamon sticks together and place them around a candle. The heat from the burning candle would help the scent develop even further, filling the air with wonderful memories.

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