Using Curtains in Your Kitchen

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Cooking smells being absorbed into the fabric is a common concern for many when thinking of using curtains in the kitchen, although that’s not necessarily always the case. Read on to find out how to use curtains in your kitchen!

Pros and cons of using curtains in an open-plan kitchen-living space

As open-plan kitchen layouts are usually accompanied by a modern-inspired interior, it is important to combine contemporary elements for a cohesive look. The core factors of this space are brightness, minimalism and spaciousness; otherwise, the kitchen-living area can look uninviting, dull and clustered. The pros and cons of using curtains in an open-plan space vary from style to practicality. Starting with benefits, curtains can be made with a vast range of materials. During the colder seasons, an open-plan kitchen living space can be quite chilly from draught coming in. In this case, thermal curtains can block the cold air out and keep the heat in, maintaining a comfortable and lively space. On the other hand, voile and net curtains can let the gentle breeze in while maintaining privacy during the warmer months.

Aesthetically, curtains play a significant role in shaping an interior style with the diverse collection of designs available. This is particularly important for open-plan kitchen-living spaces as they are the heart of a home where families socialise and where guests are greeted. There are so many different looks that be achieved, for example, check curtains for modern farmhouse kitchen; clean neutrals for a Scandinavian-inspired look or subtle florals for a country kitchen.

Curtains are much easier to clean than blinds. Stains can be easily washed out or dry cleaned, and dust can be shaken out without hassle.

The cons for using curtains in an open-plan kitchen-living space would be the limited range of Ready Made curtains available as they usually require floor-to-ceiling sizes which are best made bespoke for the perfect fit. For small kitchen windows, normal style of curtains may look out of place in which case roman blinds would be better suited.

Choosing the wrong style of curtains in a kitchen living area can create an unpleasant focal point which can break up the style flow of a home. Using curtains in this space means experimenting with darker tones, bold patterns and heavy fabric are advised against. We suggest sticking to neutral shades, simple patterns and light weight fabric to enhance and brighten up the open-plan space even further.

Cooking smells in an open plan kitchen

With an open-plan kitchen-living space, curtains aren’t a massive problem as there is enough space for cooking smells to circulate through. Bi-folding doors are one of the best options for letting any cooking scent air out if odour was a concern as they allow a good amount of air to flow in when they are open. Of course, certain curtain fabrics are more prone to odour absorption.

The less breathable the fabric is, the harder it is for cooking smells to pass through which means it’s easier for cooking smells to stick. Natural fibres such as cotton, linen and wool are better at resisting odour as well as linen mix, cotton mix, and viscose; whereas fabrics such as polyester, nylon and velvet are more prone to odour absorption. We recommend cotton and linen in this scenario as they are easy to care for, mildew resistant, durable, and give a natural look to the open-space due to their lightweight.

Using Curtains in the Cooking Area 

Café curtains or extra short curtains with tiebacks are recommended. Using curtains in the cooking area can add a homely feel to a spacious open area and give a kitchen a finishing touch. We recommend fire-retardant fabrics which are either woven with fire-resisting fibres or have your curtains specially coated.

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    I am looking for white Roman shade for my kitchen window above my sink. I want about a one width Roman shade drop I have no privacy worries at that window and just want the look just outside the casing


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