Modern Florals Inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show

Casey Ho
by Casey

Held in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea since 1912, the Chelsea Flower Show is the most famous flower and landscape gardens exhibition in the world. Every year innovative garden designs are unveiled and the most prestigious flowers are presented to the 160,000 visitors who attend the show.

This iconic event celebrates this cornerstone of British culture the quintessential English Garden while helping to shape horticulture trends globally.

The Chelsea Flower show provides inspiration for all kinds of art forms with its myriad of vibrant colours, floral patterns, and its avant-garde show gardens.

The use of flora within interior and textiles are constantly evolving and this classic furnishings staple is always a great addition to any types of interior style, creating a decorative finish whatever the setting.

This year’s botanical trends see two main approaches; Minimalist Nature and Mid-Century Modern Florals.

The Minimalistic Approach

Rather than showcasing a bouquet of voluminous flowers in a clear vase, stained glass vases in cool hues or thin and two-toned ceramic vases are paired with tall and delicate floral stems with a pop of colour to set a contrast.

Manor Calm, from £58.49

Grace Vine, from £106.49

Elegant leaves such as ferns and areca palm placed in a vase also qualify as a standalone floral accessory in the home.

Manila Evergreen, from £58.49

The Mid-Century Modern Approach

Inspired by the famous Austrian-born artist Josef Frank, the Mid-Modern Century style of floral patterns are making a comeback, along with retro shades. The print is focused on bold colours and strong outlines, rather than precise details on stems and petals which are often present in traditional florals.

Manor Louisa, from £58.49

Bailey Mimosa, from £46.99

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