Introducing Barker and Barker: The Serenity Collection

Casey Ho
by Casey

Barker & Barker is a British based design house who creates unique fabrics and wallpapers for the world of interiors. Colourful, elegant and inspired by nature, their creations focus on floral motifs, checks, stripes and abstracts.

With curtains, blinds and cushions crafted in these luxurious fabrics they are sure to make beautiful additions to any home. The contemporary Serenity Collection, by this iconic brand,  offers versatility by appealing to a variety of urban living spaces with its variety of designs.

Peachy Keen

Traditional and modern, this room achieves an alternative warm-coloured coastal look. Large-scale patterns can work together, especially in small spaces, and here the soft peach wallpaper is complemented by a gingham print on the pillows. The small patterns add layers that harmonise thanks to coordinating colours.

Cheery Pastels

Image: Barker & Barler
Yachting Check Mint, from £95.99

Here a variety of patterns unite as they are matched with hues from the same pastel colour palette. Cool tones of blue and green, inspired by sea and sky, contrast beautifully with warmer shades of yellow and biscuit. Interest is added to the walls with cladding, flowers, and plants, to enliven the room and add a fresh and cheerful vibe to the space.

Gingham, checks and stripes!

Image: Barker & Barker
Decking Stripe Sky, from £95.99

This space is all about small details coming together to create a nautical feel. Matching can sometimes get you only so far, but here, a traditional pattern covers the wall and is incorporated into the sofa. A healthy blend of neutrals, East Coast flair and seaside colours makes this space feel like a little slice of New England.

Coastal Kitchen

Image: Barker & Barker
Yachting Check Sky, from £95.99

This coastal kitchen is reminiscent of a traditional English cottage by the sea. Most of the design attention is given to the checks and stripes, pale baby blues, whites and taupes to match the traditional beachside kitchen vibe. The wooden furniture adds additional warmth to the room. This is the perfect example of how bold prints can be mixed to create a uniformed and inviting kitchen; with striped full length curtains elongating the space and charming coordinating checks decorating the table and cushions.

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