The Importance of Sleeping in a Darker Room

Casey Ho
by Casey

With our new blackout curtains buying guide here at, we want to highlight the hugely important function they provide: helping us get a better night’s sleep.

In fact, a darker room could be the simple but much-needed fix to the UK’s sleeping problems. And there definitely are problems – with as many as 22% of the population saying they sleep poorly most nights (and a further 5% reporting that they sleep very poorly), studies point to significant health ramifications for people across the country.

But there are solutions too. Here are six tips from our expert, Sharon Stiles on how to sleep better:

  1. Avoid really bright lights in the evening because they confuse your body clock. Use dimmer lighting so your body can start producing melatonin so you can sleep well.
  2. Keep a notebook by the side of your bed, so that if and when you do wake up with something on your mind, you can jot it down rather than letting it keep you awake.
  3. We can be quite adaptable in our sleep pattern. If you get out of sync with yours, let it adapt gradually back into a more suitable one.
  4. There is also a really good technique called the Emotional Freedom Technique, which helps to reduce the worries so that your mind can then rest.
  5. Ensuring you have enough exercise during the day is important, be it choosing to walk rather than use transport, or any other activity. This, along with sleep, refuels us physically, mentally and emotionally – we feel better after it, if not always whilst doing it.
  6. Breathe from your abdomen because that’s where you naturally breathe from when you are asleep. Focus on your breathing and as you breathe in, open your eyes, and as you breathe out, close your eyes. Your eyes will gradually become more and more tired, and when you can’t open them anymore, keep them closed.

To learn more facts about poor sleep quality and how blackout curtains can help with it, view our infographic below – to view on desktop, click on the landscape infographic; for mobile, click on the portrait infographic.

Have a look at our range of blackout curtains too – you may find just what you need to get your sleep back on track.

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