Interior Style: Urban Industrial

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Proudly displaying exposed pipes and beams, double height ceilings and a warehouse look, the urban industrial trend is a cool interior style and can be seen everywhere these days. From restaurants to cafes to shops, the trend is about upscaling, by liberating from traditional home styling and championing a new distinctive raw aesthetic that blends function and aesthetics.  

Preserving the historic elements of a building, the popularity of this trend took off when old factories became open-plan loft spaces across many major cities, but can now be found in many modern homes and commercial spaces around the world. Its appeal has grown so much that retailers have thoughtfully designed pieces based on its specific sought-after industrial style.

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This trend is all about displaying building materials that would otherwise be concealed, reminding us of the building’s original purpose. Elements including metal, steel, concrete, brick and wood are left alone to create this unfinished look, while utilitarian furnishings and a monochromatic earth-tone colour scheme help to achieve a warehouse feel. The presence of metal on walls and doors is another key feature of this design, as well as stainless steel countertops which create the feeling of a commercial kitchen. Weathered grey and metallic help to enhance the steely look of this trend. Simple curtains in plain whites and greys work well with this look. The metallic heading of an eyelet curtain helps to pick up other silver elements in an industrial room scheme.

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Even if you don’t have spacious open-concept rooms or lofty ceilings, you can still bring this trend home through accessories. Integrating rustic metal shelving and cabinets, a ladder or even metal wall hooks work perfectly as decorative objects. Keep the monochromatic colour scheme going by painting walls in neutral colours including dark greys, bright whites and soft browns and introduce copper or other metallic elements. Rustic fixtures made of antique bronze and brushed nickel add to the industrial style, while pendant lighting incorporating Edison lighting is popular and will complete a room. When it comes to furnishings, sleek and modern is best at accentuating the raw character. Choose to go vintage or be inspired by old factory pieces.

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