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When it comes to the home, one of the easiest ways you can add finishing touches is to include flora in the shape of botanicals. This trend, the botanical jungle look, will always be a firm favourite for many schemes. It’s quite simple to introduce this look. Think of lavish palm prints and the iconic 1970s cheese plant, which aren’t going anywhere in terms of look and feel and not to forget the lush jades and emeralds that will be the start of the colour palette.

The botanical jungle look is a sure shot way to introduce a contemporary mid-century modern feel. Originating in the 70s, when air travel really took off and we saw plants more exotic than you’d see in the local garden centre, those in the know started to bring this look into the home. From humble cacti in the bathroom to the statement lounge palm, even those without green fingers can embrace the trend. Roll into 2017 and see Pantone declaring ‘Greenery’ the colour of the year – refreshing knowing that this isn’t just a fad and is a timeless tone.

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So, if the botanical jungle look sounds like the perfect mix between classic and contemporary for you, then let’s look at what base materials you’ll need to create the look. Imagine the room as a blank canvas – where do you start in order to create a cohesive scheme – you don’t want to end up living in Jumanji – so it’s the perfect time to take stock and evaluate what level of jungle you want. White painted exposed brick is a great way to make the room sing. For a base, terracotta tiles on the floor can add an earthy tone which will compliment the botanical hues elsewhere. You can tie these elements together with a simple jute or sisal rug, where the neutral colour palette finds its feet.

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If you’re looking to extend the colour palette, the aforementioned Pantone has a fantastic App to help you decorate. When pairing with greenery, inject tones of Sand Dollar and Blue Iris to help the Greenery colour stand out. Pairing the green hue with this neutral and deep blue will give you greater freedom – especially when it comes to the base textures as mixing terra firma tones with terracotta and clay will add to the great outdoors feel. Using these resources will ensure your room will embrace the mid-century, but lean towards the modern.

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From furniture to window treatments, even down to the accessories – there are heaps of ways to introduce this trend. Let’s start with the furniture; if you’re not quite ready for the palm print Lawson-style sofa right now, try incorporating a smaller, yet statement piece. A chaise lounge or armchair in a bright and bold print is a great way to start. If you’re feeling slightly more adventurous, why not try the increasingly popular trend for up-cycling and reupholster a much-loved piece of furniture in botanical fabric.

Wall treatments are a good way to introduce a green palette – from plains to patterns, the art of window dressing frames a room and sets the tone for a theme. has a vast collection of made-to-measure and ready-made options to fit any scheme. With fabrics made in British Mills and featuring a fabric price promise, you know you’ll be investing in a little piece of luxury.

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 Last, but by no means least, it’s time to bring in some plants. Most high-street names will have some highly styled pieces of greenery to bring life into a room. However, head to the big names in the out-of-town garden centres to grab something more affordable and raw – then you can style these how best fits your personality. Opt for succulents for coffee table centrepieces, cacti for sideboards and large palms for creating focal points to a room. Finally, don’t forget to experiment with height. Hanging plants in macramé holders will add intrigue to any space. Get planting!

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