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Known for simplicity, utility and cosiness, the distinctive Scandinavian design trend is pure, pared back and centred around clean, modern lines. Characterised by earthy muted tones, honest materials and minimal decoration, this trend offers warm functionality, beauty and exudes an understated elegance.

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This aesthetic became popular in the 1940s and is rooted in design which is practical, elegant and classic. This trend combines the many different interior styles of the Nordic countries – Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Some styles are more decorative and traditional, while others are scaled-back and lean towards mid-century design. Incorporating items from different Scandinavian styles helps to create a unique and cohesive look.

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Known for its simplicity and functionality, this trend is made up of neutral colours and natural materials. All the frills and no nonsense can be left behind as clean lines based on organic shapes echo the regions’ closeness to nature. Tidy and minimalistic, this trend fits the urban lifestyle perfectly. Monochrome curtains, or those in whites or greys, epitomise the simplicity of the Scandinavian look while also creating a warm and cosy interior.

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This style is all about simple living, so to make it work in your home take the less is more approach by scaling back on accessories and unnecessary objects. Well-placed sources of light and mirrors can create the look of a sun-lit home and give off the right ambience. In addition, the use of natural elements including plants is also central to decorating in this theme. Sticking to clean lines is fundamental as a truly Scandinavian interior imitates nature. Make sure to use plenty of natural materials such as cotton, linen and leather to make the space very liveable. Neutral colours combine with warm wood tones to keep rooms feeling bright, as the majority of Scandinavian interiors have light wooden floors. Stronger colours and bold prints work well as highlights with the use of soft rugs and other well made textiles.

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