Interior Style: Family Focus

Casey Ho
by Casey

In the world of interior design, sometimes a lifestyle trend will emerge which focuses more on how you can make the most of your current living situation, and less about changing your home to suit a style trend. The perfect example of this is ‘Family Focus’, where differing needs and ideas from varying personalities, ages and style preferences are drawn together to create a look that is eclectic, practical yet chic.


The ‘Family Focus’ look has been with us for many decades, but it is only in recent years that it has become labelled as an interiors theme in its own right. This trend has children and its centre and champions the look of a home that looks lived in as opposed to pristine.  Family focused spaces manage to evoke a look of harmony and warmth, which draws comparisons to the recent trend for ‘Hygge’, the Scandinavian-inspired style based around cosy and inviting interiors.

If you are looking to recreate the ‘Family Focus’ look within your own home, a solid starting point is focussing on materials that have a vintage or retro patterned vibe. These designs are hard wearing and can be paired with mismatching prints to display a disregard for safe coordination. Fabrics such as cotton and wool give the look of homeliness and have a tactile feel perfect for family life. Homemade items such as crocheted blankets or fabric bunting will add a fun flair to your family home and should appeal the differing tastes of the different generations.

To fully embrace the ‘Family Focus’ style, fill your home with special individual items that express your family’s differing personalities, with a look that combines items that are as usable as they ornamental. Leaving crockery on display, having books on show and hanging children’s paintings with pride; this look is more about orderly clutter than exacting placement. Enjoy the freedom of designing a space that is both practical and fun for the whole family.

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