Interior Style: Eclectic Boho Glam

Casey Ho
by Casey

Part hippie and part chic, eclectic boho glam is anything but boring. Combining vintage with modern, this trend is colourful, folk-inspired, simple and has hit the mainstream big time. Décor elements which make up this style include pattern on pattern and abstract designs, mixed with diverse and whimsical materials reminiscent of the vintage 50’s and 60’s.

This design trend emerged in the late 90’s, although its origins emanate from the craftsmanship that went into the designs from the 50’s and 60’s. Shopping for bohemian décor couldn’t be easier as it’s found in many retailers as the trend can be taken in so many directions. While the eclectic boho glam look is not for everyone, the trend today is very toned down but still incorporates bold colours and pattern mixing as the foundation to its design aesthetic. Furniture can have clean lines and traditional details, but accessories should be quirky and unusual.

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Vibrant colour and a bit of eccentricity sum up this design style perfectly. Don’t be shy with bold shades as they add energy to a space, meanwhile unique touches add individual personality. A bright curtain is an easy way to bring a panel of colour into any room which you are looking to update in this style. Layering is a basic start for the eclectic boho glam look as this style evokes drama and impact. It is perfect for those not afraid of mixing patterns and textures. Touches of faux fur here and there, especially on a luxurious throw on a cosy chair, look particularly good.

Image via Swoon Worthy

To achieve the look in your home, mix materials with handmade pieces and layer the old and the new by incorporating antiques and anything with some history. Including an element of animal print, such as zebra or tiger, works well to contribute to the exotic-ness of the room. Displaying collections of items, such as magazines, candles and lanterns or artwork, is the perfect way to display a sense of maximalism. Macramé, rattan or even a rug on the wall are essential to this trend.

Image via Swoon Worthy

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