How to Get the Tropical Botanical Look

Casey Ho
by Casey

The tropical botanical trend continues to dominate interiors and home accessories this year. Seen in many different forms, from homewares to wall coverings to textiles, this style brings nature into living spaces making them more relaxed, inspiring and uplifting. Although this look works across a variety of seasons, there’s no better time than now to explore as we inch our way into spring.

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Not just for bright and airy spaces, here the tropical botanical trend proves equally effective in dramatic interiors. Dark colours including sage and teal have an air of authority about them, while the distinctive black and white check flooring adds a statement to the room. The sumptuous velvet sofa, brass coffee table, mixed botanical print cushions and large-leaved plants mix together wonderfully for a perfectly polished look.

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This sophisticated but playful interior is reminiscent of a Victorian conservatory room, with elements which bring the garden indoors. The eclectic furnishings include a nail-head trimmed velvet bed, antlers on the wall, and a versatile Persian rug, all of which complement the bold pineapple french door curtains. This statement room evokes feelings of lazy summer afternoons.  

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This space evokes an intimate atmosphere of a well-cared for garden that is brought inside to an urban living space. Although busy, this small space is not overpowered by the plethora of plants and flowers as it uses the combination of wood furniture and soft-coloured textiles to lighten the room. The singular feature wall plays on the botanical motif.  

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Enjoy the best of the outdoors, indoors all year long with this relaxed and inspirational space. Here the botanical patterns are showcased sparingly and teamed with nature-inspired colours – olive, jade, khaki and turquoise blue – all of which contribute to a look that is both on-trend and not overwhelming.  Allow your curtains to be the focus of the room when hung against bright white walls and paired with pale sofas.

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