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Window treatments are one of the most important accessories to enhance a home’s look and functionality. Whether it be a sense of privacy or openness you are after, voile has become a popular choice due to its elegance and light weight. Far from boring, voile fabric goes well with both traditional and contemporary interior design due to the number of looks which it can achieve. Evoking a sense of relaxation and tranquillity, its delicate and sheer nature stirs feelings of spaciousness in a room, offering versatility and practicality at the same time.

Moroccan Bazaar

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Bring the outdoors in with gorgeous tangerine voile which pairs beautifully with earthy and rustic terracotta décor. Apart from adding warm elegance to the interior, the voile gives a sense of being in a relaxing Mediterranean retreat. Hand-woven ethnic rugs, oversized clay pots and knitted textures not only look good but round out this old-world look perfectly.

Breezy Bedroom

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A cool grey voile captures the relaxing vibe of this bedroom, helping to maximise the brightness contributing to a light and airy feel. Sticking to simple décor in a restrained colour palette, the soft and subtle voile gently filters the light, creating the perfect accent to this room whilst adding character. Clean, neutral and a classic addition to any room.

Black Beauty

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Here a dramatic dark voile juxtaposes beautifully with a mainly white interior. The grey sofa helps to balance the contrasting colours and the use of plants updates an otherwise monochrome look. It all ties together very nicely for a clean and modern look creating privacy between rooms.

Versatility is Key

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This space demonstrates the endless versatility of white voiles. They are highly practical allowing the maximum amount of light into the space while eliminating visibility into your home from the outside. Embrace a fun element by combining a bold, zig zag Aztec rug which pops with intense colours, yet doesn’t make the space feel too loud.


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