How to Add Blush Pink to your Home

Casey Ho
by Casey

Sophisticated, soft and soothing, blush pink is making a big impact in home décor and interior design. This colour trend is everywhere this season and it’s no surprise that it was awarded Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2016.

Fresh and calming, blush pink can create a modern yet romantic feel adding light and femininity to any room, yet can also provide a contemporary edge when coordinated with elements and materials found in nature, including stone, marble and wood.

Top to Bottom

Image via Pinterest 
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What can be seen as tricky has been styled beautifully here, adding a dose of personality to this modern room. With accent pieces and a painted wall, the subtleness of blush pink is attractive and ties the entire look of the room together from top to bottom.

Balancing Act

Image via Pinterest
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Here we have an alternative use of colour, as the dusty pink window treatments help to balance out the darker tones in this room very well. Using a range of vibrant complementary colours, including chartreuse and red, helps pull this entire room together making it a grown-up space with an instant modern feel.

Enhance the Rustic Look

Image via Clarke & Clarke
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The dusty, muted earth tones provide for an all-round naturally calming effect. The blush pink brings out the warm tones in the natural wooden floor and helps to soften the room without being too pretty. Geometric curtains and cushions add depth and dimension to the space, as does the complementary deep teal of the lamp.

Rosé all day

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The sofa, the flowers and the accessories create a subtle yet stylish blush pink room. With a nod to Scandi-minimalism, this soft colour goes a long way and is a chic backdrop to the copper. Here blush pink offers warmth and approachability to an otherwise white-washed interior. Pale full-length curtains work perfectly for this look.


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