David Hockney Inspired Interior Design

Casey Ho
by Casey

David Hockney’s captivating work has been an inspiration to the art world over his lifetime. The Tate Britain is celebrating 60 years of his career with an exciting retrospective on until 29th May, 2017.  He is recognised as an innovator through his clever use of light, bold colours and perspectives.

They often feature realistic home settings and dreamy scenarios, beautifully enhanced with a blend of hyper-surrealism and pop; as well as statement furniture!

Henry Geldzabler and Christopher Scott

His talent for creating a visually immersive experience for viewers through his paintings gives him the skill to challenge traditional interior design concepts; such as asymmetrical balance, pictured below and also prevalent in The Bigger Splash, as well as repetition and smooth transitions between lines and perspectives.

Large Interior

The interior and furniture featured in his paintings often showcase 1970s Scandinavian designs with a splash of eccentricity. Ever wondered what the interior might look like in real life? Have a look at the beautiful series created by photographer Damian Russell and Interior Stylist Laura Fulmine.

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