The Top Ten Grey Curtains & Accessories to Update Your Home

Casey Ho
by Casey

Chic, modern, and stylish, gone are the days when grey was considered a dull and drab colour. Today it’s a popular choice when it comes to updating your living spaces, creating a soothing, neutral backdrop to your daily life.

But updating your home doesn’t have to mean going out and buying buckets of grey paint – far from it. Your colour scheme includes everything in your home and there are simple things you can do to introduce this ever-popular colour into your home.

From made to measure and ready made curtains, through to cushions and tie backs, there are a whole host of ways to add elements of tones such as ash, dove, oyster, and slate into your home – whether you want to completely transform a room or simply update it with grey accents.

Here’s a rundown of our top ten grey curtains and accessories to update your interior:

Moderne Ulysses Curtains

With their soft grey tones and contrasting white geometric pattern, these 100% cotton, made to measure curtains will add a stylish, contemporary touch into any living space.

Moderne Forte Curtains

Bringing together several shades of grey with a complimentary shade of copper, these made to measure curtains find the perfect balance between modernism and elegance.

Marlowe Grey Pencil Pleat Curtains

With their simple checked design and light grey tones, these lined, readymade curtains will infuse classic sophistication to any room.

Windermere Mist Curtains

These made to measure curtains bring together a host of grey and charcoals to create a subtly glamorous look. The perfect way to add an element of timeless, on-trend colour into your home.

Majestic Velvet Ash Curtains

With their luxurious texture and deep grey tones, these plain velvet made to measure curtains in ash grey will add a flawless finishing touch to any room. Perfect when set alongside other neutral accessories and furnishings.

Lux Silver Eyelet Curtains

These glossy, striped silver curtains prove that grey can be ultra-glamorous. Ideal for adding a stylish finishing touch into any living space, these captivating silver curtains make a lasting impact, whether they are set against matte charcoal tones or a white backdrop.

Decadence Charcoal Tassel

This tassel tieback embellished with an ornamental moulded top will serve as an elegant, vintage inspired accessory in any room. Ideal for those looking to incorporate subtle touches of grey into their existing décor.

Excelsior Silver Tassel

This regal tassel tieback with beaded top and decorative knot will add a stylish touch to any living space. With its understated silver tones and sophisticated beaded top, this tieback is the perfect way to integrate elements of grey into your décor.

Moderne Maze Cushion

Cushions and accessories are the perfect way to introduce touches of grey into your living space, without updating your overall décor. The geometric patterns on the cushion will add an intriguing element to any room.

Argyll Grey Cushion

This Argyll Grey cushion will complement a grey room perfectly. Made from high quality fabrics, this homely cushion will add a comfy, neutral touch to your living spaces.

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