New Year Resolutions for Your Home

by Nina

Every new year, many of us make a New Year’s resolution. Whether it’s to lose weight, be a better person or even to live a happier and healthier lifestyle, we all begin the year with the best of intentions, right?

But this year, why not give your home the TLC it deserves! After all, a home that is clean and organised will instantly lift your mood, allowing you to create spaces that you and your family actually enjoy spending time in.

And there are lots of ways that you can create clean and welcoming spaces in your favourite environments, with little effort.

Washing and drying your curtains

Washing your curtains will instantly give your home a refreshing lift. After all, you’ll be surprised at how much dust and dirt accumulate on your curtains over time!

how to brighten up your home, how to brighten up a room

However, before you wash and dry your curtains it’s important that you consider what type of material they are. For example, the care required for lined and unlined curtains will differ. 

With this in mind, you should always check the label for washing instructions, test a small area of the curtain if you’re unsure about the washing detergent you are going to use and always wash your curtains in cold water. You should also make sure that all hooks and hoops have been removed prior to washing.

Organise your kitchen area

Kitchen Interior

Over time, our kitchen worktops and drawers often resemble a mountain of mess! Featuring all of those everyday items that we don’t necessarily need to hand on a daily basis but can never find them when we need them, they can quickly become cluttered and messy.

So this year, why not clear and organise all of the drawers and worktops in your home, whilst creating a space that is allocated to one type of storage.

Declutter toys

It’s amazing how much your little ones own, right? With mountains of toys at their disposable, finding a place for all of their favourite things can become impossible.

Children's Bedroom

So why not have a sort out? It’s highly likely that you will discover that they no longer play with half the things they own! Charity shops are always crying out for toys or maybe you could donate them to younger family members?

Organise your bathroom space

Bathroom Interior

With so many lotions, potions and everyday cosmetics to accommodate, bathrooms can often become messy, cluttered and uninviting. So why not think about integrating effective storage solutions that will free up much-needed space and create a welcoming environment.

From wall storage, cabinets and shelving through to storage baskets, containers and integrated storage, there are lots of ways that you can organise your bathroom through effective storage solutions.

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