Would You Live in One of the UK’s Dream Homes?


If money was no object, what kind of property would you like to live in? Do you feel inspired by what you see in TV programmes like George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces and Kevin McCloud’s Grand Designs which showcase modern alternative housing solutions? Or do you find the quaint cottages on Escape to the Country much more appealing?

We decided to find out what the most popular styles of homes are and what matters most when people are choosing their ideal home.


Something unusual

If choosing an unconventional property, 1 in 3 said they would pick a traditional thatched cottage and 1 in 4 would opt for a converted chapel or church.

Living in an unconventional property like a chapel not only gives you one-of-a-kind home but they’re often located in picturesque places and allow you to have large open spaces which are flooded with natural light from their impressive windows. They mightn’t be used for their original purpose but often former chapels keep the sense of tranquillity and calmness they had before.

Are you a Lord of the Rings fan? Almost 1 in 4 of those we surveyed thought that living in a ‘Hobbit House’ would be exciting. Having your own dwarf inspired home might sound like a fantasy but Green Magic Homes have made them a reality, with prefabricated one bedroom Hobbit holes selling for £10,000.


Location matters

Location matters, so having the ability to move your home as and when you choose is a big plus point and could explain why 1 in 10 would love to live on the water. Our research revealed that over 50% of moving decisions are swayed by location, with many people dreaming of living in a quiet rural setting.


Cosy Kitchens

The most coveted feature of a modern dream home is a country kitchen. This is a relatively new trend as in 2014, open plan, modern kitchens were all the range. Although open plan kitchens are more sociable, they often include a large TV in the seating area and this can be distracting if you want some peace and quiet whilst you cook. Many people have found that having family members lounging around and not using the living room or dining room can result in their open plan kitchens becoming cluttered and untidy. This is perhaps the main reason why closed-plan country kitchens are seeing a revival, they can be a peaceful, nurturing sanctuary, even in chaotic homes.


Eco-friendly living

In 2017, it’s never been more important to have a home that’s kind to the environment. Our research has shown that almost 1 in 3 would love to live in a sustainable home, which is energy efficient and reduces pollution. However, to start living green, you don’t need to buy an ultra-modern property, as there will be changes you can make to your current home. Click here for tips on how you can do this.


A touch of personality

If you don’t have the finances available to buy your ideal home, you can still inject some of your favourite features from the unconventional homes you like, into your own home to give it more personality. For instance, you could install an AGA cooker into your kitchen to give it a country cottage vibe or look at having an open fireplace in your living room, with a pile of chopped logs by the side if you’d love to own your own eco-log cabin.


Adding a few dream home features could be possible if you think creatively. A hobbit house or glass house could be an option if you have space in your garden and want a man cave. To inspire your children to read more, why not give them their own library by investing in a stylish bookcase, comfortable chair and some book print curtains? A spare bedroom can be easily converted into a cinema room if you install a projector and hang some luxurious, red velvet curtains. If you want to pamper yourself but can’t stretch to a home spa you could always upgrade your bath to a whirlpool bath so you can enjoy a relaxing soak every night.

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