Alternative Ways to Use Curtains

by Nina

People usually see curtains as one of the traditional window coverings useful only to give windows a more polished look. However, curtain fabrics can serve  a variety of other decorating ideas, adding a special touch to different spaces in a household.

Door curtains

This type of curtains is very useful if you need to improve insulation of your home. Thanks to their thick texture and thermal lining the door curtains can stop cold air from getting in a room through gaps in a construction around the door.  They are a relatively inexpensive solution for draught-proofing a house as well as an elegant piece of décor which can put a stylish final touch to your room decor.

Bed canopy

The idea of a ‘princess bed’ has always been popular with all ages. Canopy beds embellish not only the little  girl’s rooms, teens private dens but can also be spotted in traditional master bedrooms. Net curtains can serve as an elegant bed canopy protection which will not only create the typical dreamy look but also  filter the light coming in a room so you get a more restful sleep.

Image by Houzz


Apart from being  decorative coverings, curtains can also be used to create new spaces within a room.  For example, a cute and colourful reading nook can motivate  your little ones to  favour a book over a play station. Also,  creating a special  play area can help keep all the toys in one main place instead of spread around the room which makes tidying up a lot easier.

Quirky and playful designs from Roald Dahl collection

The concept of a nook is also a practical solution for adult bedrooms which require a clever use of space. Curtains can divide the room into several parts and create an extra room for sleeping or a new storage area.

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