How to Use Colour Trends for 2017

by Nina

This year might have been all about monotone, psychedelic colours and daring prints but as 2016 draws to a close, it’s time to discuss what will be on the colour wheel  in 2017. By finding out which hues will be taking the world of interiors by storm, you’ll be able to plan ahead and get ready to give your home an injection of colour come January.

Express yourself

2017 is going to be the year of the bold according to Devin Alessio from Elle Décor, and you’ll need to choose colours that reflect your personality. If you’re quite traditional in your outlook, she recommends introducing greys and earthy greens, whereas if you’re creative and adventurous, dark blues, lime greens and hot reds are a must.

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Keep it subtle

It’s key that you don’t go overboard with strong colours and end up placing them everywhere around your home. Instead, focus on key rooms like your lounge and dining room, leaving other rooms with a more subdued colour palette. For lounges already on the gloomy side due to a lack of light in the winter months, try choosing airy, voile curtains and have just a feature wall and a few accessories in your chosen colour.

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Experiment with pastels

If you tend to opt for cream or white, this colour trend will take you gently out of your comfort zone. Including delicate shades of aqua, lemon and rose, pastel colours are usually associated with summer and will consequently make any room feel lighter. Experiment painting a whole room or accent your simpler shades with touches of powder blue curtains, soft pink scatter cushions or a pale yellow sofa.  

Add warmth

As well as showcasing your personality, colour schemes in 2017 are going to be about making your house more welcoming by choosing warm shades over cooler tones.

Injecting warmth into a sterile kitchen can be tricky, especially if you have modern units in white or grey- it isn’t impossible, however. A rich honey yellow and lime green colour scheme can give a vibrancy that you wouldn’t get if you chose lemon and mint instead. Try to be daring and if you can, find some art prints that incorporate the same colours to hang up on your walls.

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Coordinating your home

Now you know which colours to use, it’s time to consider how you can tie them into all your interiors. In your lounge, make your sofas more inviting by having scatter cushions in different fabrics and interesting prints that compliment your feature walls. Consider adding a throw or two, especially if you have leather sofas as they can seem cold in the colder months.

Whichever colour palettes you decide to use, you shouldn’t neglect your flooring. This is especially true in your hallway as it’s the gateway into the rest of your home. If your home’s entrance currently has a monochrome colour scheme, sanding down your floorboards and painting them in a bright colour could make a huge difference. Cleverly placing a few accent pieces on windowsills can help bring everything together and a statement rug is always a good idea if you have the space.

Which colour trends have caught your eye for 2017?

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