How Can Curtains Embellish your Home this Christmas

by Nina

When it comes to your festive interior, it’s not just about your decorations… There are plenty of other ways that you can transform your home into a cosy, wintry wonderland full of the magic that comes hand in hand with the most wonderful time of the year.

Switching up your curtains for the festive period will not only allow you to further enhance your Christmas theme, but they will also help to keep your home warm, snug and inviting.

Available in a wide range of warm Christmas tones, luxurious finishes, and prints inspired by the season, a pair of Christmas curtains will help you to perfect your festive décor!

Meadow Red Pencil Pleat

With their simple yet high impact design, the Meadow Red Pencil Pleat Curtain will instantly add a touch of festive cheer to your home. With their warm red tones and subtle pencil pleat, these red curtains will help you to get in the festive spirit, yet are subtle enough to work all year round.

Ideal for the living room or dining room, where family and friends naturally gather during the festive period, these curtains will also provide the ultimate backdrop for your Christmas tree.

red curtains, christmas curtains, elegant curtains

Meadow Red Pencil Pleat | From £75.64

Balmoral Check Ruby Eyelet

Featuring a beautiful botanical print that exudes instant Christmas charm, these curtains are sure to become a welcomed addition to your favourite spaces during the festive period.

With their nature inspired print and warm tones, these curtains will instantly add a cosy and inviting dimension to your dining room, bedroom or living room.

checked curtains, christmas curtains, tartan curtains

Balmoral Check Ruby Eyelet | From £16.57

Lux Silver Eyelet

The perfect backdrop for your festive dinner party, the luxurious Lux Silver Eyelet Curtain will allow you to inject a healthy dose of indulgent glamour into your home this Christmas. With their glossy striped silver design, these curtains will complement and enhance your Christmas decorations with effortless ease, whilst allowing you to enjoy regal luxury.

Of course, changing your curtains in honour of the festive season will also make your home feel extra special, and is a great way of signalling that Christmas has arrived in your home! Let the festivities begin in style!  

grey curtains, christmas curtains, elegant curtains

Balmoral Check Ruby Eyelet | From £16.57

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