From Toddler to Teen: Redecorating the Bedroom for Growing Boys and Girls

by Nina

It doesn’t matter whether your child is four or fourteen, if they don’t like the way their bedroom looks they’ll throw all their toys out of the pram. To try to save you from a diva strop, we’ve created this guide to make decorating your child’s bedroom a breeze.


Infant to toddler

Decorating used to be a piece of cake when you were expecting, because you could have the nursery exactly how you liked, but it’ll never be that easy again. Toddlers can be demanding at the best of times and they’ll want a say in how their bedroom looks.

If they’re a huge fan of Thomas the Tank or My Little Pony, be prepared for them to pester for every accessory to feature their favourite characters. Toddlers can be fickle and no sooner will you finish their room when they’ll declare that Thomas has got the boot and they’re now into Chase from Paw Patrol!

wall stickers

To try and protect your sanity, be selective when it comes to choosing accessories, opt for wall stickers of their favourite characters over wallpaper and don’t be tempted to buy character themed toddlers room furniture. Their cot bed will be fine until they’re four and if you buy good quality, full-sized wardrobes and chest of drawers they won’t need replacing until they disappear off to university or get their own place.

Toddler to child

Once a child reaches school age, it gets even harder to create a bedroom your child likes as peer pressure rears its ugly head. They’ll need a new bed – whether you opt for a single bed, bunk beds, cabin bed, sleeper or double is up to you.

A cabin bed with drawers and a desk underneath is a good option for when they have to do homework, or you could opt for a double bed if their room is large. Bunk beds are good if they have lots of friends who stay over regularly or if you’re planning on them sharing with a younger sibling in the future.

Your baby is a baby no more so their adoration for cartoons characters will be extended with pop stars and sports teams. Framing prints instead of letting them stick posters directly onto their walls should help protect your paintwork and it can be a good idea to put up blackout curtains or blinds if your child is a light sleeper. Will you have to start knocking before you enter their room? It depends on the child, but try not to be too upset if their room becomes a no-go zone.

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Child to teen

If you thought your child was opinionated before, this is just the start! Whereas they will be happy for you to pay for decor and furniture in their new teen room they probably won’t let you have much of a say over what should go in there. They’ll want a more adult room and that might mean you have to put your foot down at times but try to not let it stress you out too much. If they don’t already have a desk in their room, you should insist that they have one as they’ll need a quiet place to study and to make sure they have no excuse for it being a mess, give them a decent sized laundry basket and bin.

To free up your bathroom in the mornings you might want to give your daughter her own mirror and dressing table but if she wants to decorate her room with candles, make sure you highlight the fire risks to her first. If you have a son who’s a keen gamer, you could consider letting him have his games console in his room, but only if you can trust him to not play it all night long. At the end of the day, remember that their room is their sanctuary, so you might be best leaving decorating it up to them!

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