Preparing your Home for Winter on a Budget

by Nina

Winter is on its way and with shorter days and darker evenings we cannot wait to curl up on the sofa with a warm drink.Winter season always calls for a change of scenery ensuring our homes are warm and welcoming. In case you are wondering how can you add a touch of warmth to your winter home decor on a budget here are out top tips.

1. Put away your summer themed cushions and accessories

This season is all about reds, oranges and warm yellows making your home seem cosier with darker warming colours. Pastels and summer prints are a big no no as light airy colours will make the room feel cold. Why not try a spot of DIY and if you have some old blankets get handy with a sewing machine and make some bespoke cushion covers. You could even recycle some old thick knit jumpers to make a throw for your favourite chair or some draught excluders.

winter cushions

2. Change your curtains 

Replace thin curtains with thicker lined curtains but if you don’t want to buy new, you could always line your existing ones with a blanket. It’ll help stop heat escaping, especially if you don’t have double or triple glazing and come the spring, you can easily remove the blanket and replace with the original lighter curtains.  If you are still  shopping around for  new curtains for winter  our diverse Autumn/Winter ’16  range features a variety of elegant fabrics that can give your windows a polished look.

floral bedroom curtains, floral living room curtains, neutral curtainsAncona Charcoal | From £42.99

3. Think about lighting

There’s something magical about candlelight so why not hunt out those long forgotten candles from the back of your cupboards and decorate your rooms with them? There are some wonderful scented candles available in the shops right now at reasonable prices so you could always treat yourself to one or two. Fairy lights don’t need to be exclusively for Christmas either, so why not hang some around your lounge mirror or drape them around your photo frames?

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