Homes With Personality

by Nina

A living space looks best when it reflects the owner’s personality and way of life. Injecting sophisticated styling and carefully handpicked accessories will add a unique touch of character. We have selected some of our favourite interior trends to uplift your home and inject with charm.

Art Deco

Art Deco first appeared in Paris and is often described as Modernism with a lavish decorative feel. Art deco interiors feature clear and precise lines, contrasts of black and white and luxury materials such as brass or marble. This style is great for anyone  who likes to be bold and extravagant with their decor ideas whilst retaining a touch of sophistication.

art deco curtain Moderne Maze | £82.49

Bohemian interiors are about being playful and unconventional featuring artful and exotic themes represented in a variety of materials.  Imagine textiles in bold hues and unusual art pieces combined with Moroccan inspired furniture. The eclectic ‘Boho’ nature is the ideal way to make your home feel ‘au naturale’ showing off things you love at the same time.

English Country

English Country design combines a touch of tradition and cosiness.This is a style for antique lovers and collectors of all kinds. Typically, homes inspired by country living are embellished with traditional floral patterns  featuring antique upholstered furniture pieces. If you are charmed by timeless classics and want to give your living space a bit of a sentimental feel this might be the style for you.

English country style curtain        Manor Delight | £82.49


Minimalist designs offer you simplicity and effortless elegance. The latest trends are inspired by Scandinavian design ideas such as the Danish concept ‘Hygge’ which stands for “wellbeing”, “cosiness” or “togetherness”. If you want to get rid of all the clutter and dream about an airy comfortable living space which invites you to relax, the minimal style has a lot to offer.

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic designs bring in a touch of nostalgic charm. The centerpiece of a shabby chic interior consists of classic, upcycled or distressed furniture. In terms of patterns, it features floral garlands, swags or cherubs. This approach is perfect if want your home to feel like a snug den where you can escape from the rush of the everyday.

shabby chic curtain  Windermere Mabel | £125.99


have some fabulous wallpapers which can complement many different design styles and embellish your home. Our top pick would have to be the Woodland wallpaper.  Team this print with the Summertime Waterlily curtains for a bold yet natural feel and finish with some neutral accessories to really bring this look to life.



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