Voiles: A Modern Alternative to Net Curtains

by Nina

Nowadays, it seems that people do not have much love for the net curtains and see them as old-fashioned. However, their main selling point – enhancing privacy while letting enough light in a room- is still relevant. As a result, the old designs are getting replaced with a more contemporary alternative: voiles. 

The name ‘voile’ comes from French and means ‘veil’. In fact, this is what their lightweight material often looks like. Voiles curtains are usually woven. They are made from natural delicate fabrics such as silk, cotton or various synthetic blends.

Voiles are easier to manage than standard lined curtains and do not take so much space.

Unlike net curtains voiles, are available in a variety of colours. They can help you create an interesting lighting pattern in a room. Also, because voiles are seen from the outside they can help you compliment the exterior of the house. However, in case you prefer to have more privacy, it is a good idea to buy an extra layer of sheer fabric to combine with a voile.

Voiles can be usually machine washed but should not be dried in a tumble drier. After washing they should be hung back up wet and left to dry at the windows. The voiles made from delicate fabrics need to be either dry cleaned or hand washed.

They have the same headings as standard curtains. At curtains.com you will find voiles with them with various headings which are available in a wide array of floral, plain and abstract patterns.

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