10 Important Terms To Know When Shopping Around For Curtains

Buying curtains can turn into a bit of a nightmare if you are unfamiliar with some of the terms commonly used by retailers. In this post we decided to explain the frequently used words that you can come across while browsing home décor e-shops and websites.

Drapery – A common term used to describe a decorative fabric which is used for making curtains. There are many types of drapery which differ in composition and weight. 

Drapes – Formal and stylish window coverings made of a heavy drapery. Usually, they come with a lining and are attached by hooks to a pole. Their length tends to be to the floor. They are often attached by hooks to a curtain pole. Also, a cord can be used to draw both of the panels open or closed. They are also known as drapery panels or drops.

Curtains – The type of window treatments which can be both formal and informal. In general, they are made of a lighter unlined fabric and come in different lengths. They can be attached to a pole with hooks, rings, grommets or rod pocket casing. Another name for curtains is curtain panels.

Heading – The top of the curtain which comes in different styles and requires various types of accessories to attach a curtain pole and a curtain itself. Most popular headings are Pencil Pleat, Tab Top or Eyelet.

Stack back – A space needed to fit curtains when they are drawn open. The heavier is the curtain fabric the larger the stack back needs to be.

Lining – A type of fabric which is attached behind the drapery. There are different types of lining each of which has a specific function. For example, blackout lining blocks the light, thermal helps regulate room temperature etc.

Drop – Drop stands for curtain length. In general, there are three types of drops: to the sill, under the sill and to the floor. This measurement is usually taken in centimeters.

Face fabric – The decorative side of the fabric which faces the room.

Leading edge – Edges of curtains which are made of a different type of fabric than the main part of the cloth. It is made of different fabric which creates a contrast with the main fabric pattern.

Hem – The base of the curtain with a fabric turned back up to create a decorative edge. Usually, it tends to have 3 inches (7.5 cm).





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